#LTHEChat193 @Dr_Chris_Wiley ‘Evaluating Student Evaluation of Teaching’

Student evaluation of teaching (SET) is routinely implemented at institutions across the UK and internationally, partly in response to the increased weight given in recent years to national measures of student satisfaction. Yet multiple studies have indicated that SET may be influenced by many factors other than the quality of teaching itself, including the teacher’s race and gender, fluency of delivery, class size, whether the module is compulsory or elective, students’ workload and the grades they are awarded.

This #LTHEchat will explore current SET practices at different institutions and ask by what other ways teachers might obtain feedback on their teaching in order to bring about positive changes to the students’ learning experience in a more meaningful and timely manner. It appears by way of a prelude to the forthcoming SEDA Special Student Evaluation of Teaching: From Performance Management to Quality Enhancement, which, through a series of inter/national case studies, explores methods for developing SET, alternative approaches to the standard questionnaire, and ways to engage students more actively with the process.

Dr Christopher Wiley is Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of Surrey. He was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2013 and attained Principal Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy in 2017. He holds postgraduate qualifications in both music and education, including the degree of MA in Academic Practice from City University London (2014). In addition to his internationally recognised research in musicology, Chris has conducted pedagogic research leading to journal articles in Studies in Educational Evaluation; Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education; Arts and Humanities in Higher Education; and The International Journal of Assessment and Evaluation. He has presented at international conferences of education across Europe, and delivered learning and teaching workshops at a dozen UK universities. He is the co-editor of the forthcoming SEDA Special, Student Evaluation of Teaching: From Performance Management to Quality Enhancement. http://surrey.ac.uk/people/christopher-wiley christopherwiley

About sarahwrightehu

As Faculty Senior SOLSTICE Fellowship Lead, Sarah has a strong interest in innovation in teaching and learning in higher education. Her role has seen her develop projects on the use of social media and online teaching, as well as lecture engagement and seminar design. Sarah is an Apple Distinguished Educator and enjoys collaborating with a global network of educators, reflecting on research informed pedagogies which she can disseminate within the University. Sarah has written for the Times Educational Supplement, contributing on a range of educational issues and sat on the Board of Management for NAACE, the national association for educational technology. Last year, she co-chaired the National Conference for Social Media in Higher Education and is now proud to sit on the editorial board for the journal. Sarah is a Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching where she also enjoys reviewing for ‘Impact’ journal. Sarah was shortlisted for the Guardian Excellence in Teaching award in 2019 and the Educate North award in the same category. She was proud to win the Student Led Staff Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching. Sarah is a self confessed geek, enjoying nothing more than arguing with a Google Home or exploring the latest features of VR - however, she prides herself on taking an informed and insightful approach to the use of technology in learning.
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