#LTHEchat 253: Sustainable lifestyle and wellness in higher education. Led by @halehmoravej @SalsMiyan & @abeckyi

People doing gardening in an allotment
Multiracial group of young men and young women gather as volunteers to plant vegetables in community garden with mature woman project manager advice and teamwork

Balanced nutrition, wellness, and sustainability awareness are important for staff in higher education for similar reasons as they are for students. 

A healthy and well-nourished staff is more likely to perform better, which can benefit the institution. Providing staff with access to healthy food options and nutritional information can help to improve their mental and physical well-being. 

As sustainability awareness is an increasingly important issue, it is important for higher education institutions to lead by example and demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship. By promoting sustainable practices among staff, such as reducing energy consumption, and waste and switching to plant-based food options, institutions can set an example for their students and the wider community.

Staff who are aware of the importance of mental and physical health, nutrition and sustainability can act as role models for students and other staff members, leading to a more sustainable and healthier community in the higher education.

Overall, promoting wellness, balanced nutrition, and sustainability awareness among staff can help to create a more positive and productive work environment, and can contribute to the overall success of the educational institutions. 

Since 2011 globally recognised Advance HE CATE winners of 2020 MetMUnch team have brought Nutritional Science out of the lecture theatre and to the public. MetMUnch lead the way in innovative, exciting, and engaging nutrition events by combining the incredible facilities at Manchester Metropolitan University with the keen creative minds of our students and graduates. 

We’ve opened an Apple Store to promote rare, unappreciated, and locally sourced apples. We’ve created an entire pop-up kitchen from recyclable cardboard in a shopping centre. We’ve published recipe books for students, designed augmented reality clothing that triggers recipe videos on mobile devices and so much more. 

MetMUnch are available as creative consultants, project managers, idea generators and event planners. 

We can create and run tailored pop-ups, presentations and performances. If you would like to work with MetMUnch, please visit and contact us on:  www.metmunch.com


Salma Miyan

Rebecca Butler: a third year Nutritional Sciences student passionate about public health and sustainability 

Haleh Moravej – @halehmoravej – is a multi-award-winning senior lecturer in Nutritional Sciences at Manchester Metropolitan University and a creative social entrepreneur. Haleh is the recipient of the Advance HE National Teaching Fellowship (2018) and Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (2020) for the MetMUnch social enterprise project. Haleh has received an Honorary Fellowship from the British Science Association (2021) for outstanding contribution to public engagement and communication on climate science and sustainability and for challenging the stereotype of what a scientist should look like, furthering the inclusion and diversity of science in society.

Wakelet from this week’s chat:


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