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Share your #LTHEchat research with us!
It would be lovely to find out if you are carrying out research or any other scholarly activities related to #LTHEchat or this initiative is mentioned in publications. Please share your projects, presentations, publications below as a comment so that we can access and share further.

Listed in:

ChatSalad at 

Education Chats at


Thomson, C. (2016) Jumping into the #LTHEchat, My Educational Technology Labyrinth, 10 June, available at

Watling, S. (2016) Time to flex your hashtags, Digital Academic, 20 May, available at

Pinny, K. (2016) I am rubbish at Twitter, 11 May, EDEU Lincoln University site, available at 

Stoller, E. (2015) Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Chat, 19 November 2015, in Inside HigherEd, available at

Wood, A. (2015) Using tweetchats for learning (about learning), 25 January 2015, blog post at The Science of Scientific Learning available at

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Beckingham, S. & Nerantzi, C. (2016) Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Chat (#LTHEchat), ALTC blog News and Views from the Community, 7 March 2016, available at

Beckingham, S., Nerantzi, C., Reed, P. & Walker, D. (2015) Speedy professional conversations around learning and teaching in higher education via the brand new tweetchat #LTHEchat, Journal ALISS Quarterly, February 2015, available at

Race, P., Pickford, R. Brown, S. Nerantzi, C. Rae, S., Lancaster, S.& Beckingham, S. (accepted) TEF Tweetchat. Reflections on the tweetchat about a Teaching Excellence Framework, in:  Educational Development Magazine, SEDA


TeachMeet presentation at Sheffield Hallam University Learning and Teaching Exchange, 8 January 2015.


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