tweetchat tools


Here you find some tools that can help you organise the way you view a tweetchat.

Tagboard is a nice way to view a snapshot of the latest tweets

Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are dashboards that enable you to view different groups of tweets in columns.

TWUBS is a space to follow #LTHEchat as well as use it as a space to view the tweets. is another space

Tweetchat and are both useful tools which allow you to view just the tweets for #LTHEchat in one space. You can also tweet from here.



After each #LTHEchat a Wakelet ‘story’ will be created to archive all of the tweets during the evening’s discussion. You may also wish to make your own Wakelet selecting tweets and conversations that were of particular interest.


Our good friend Martin Hawksey developed TAGSExplorer back in 2011 as a tool that could be used to analyse the twitter networks that formed around particular events and hashtags. His initial post on the subject Twitter: How to archive event hashtags and create an interactive visualization of the conversation is still worth reading. We use TAGSExplorer to provide an explorable archive of each week’s #LTHEchat and I (Chris Jobling) prepared this video to explain to my colleagues on the organizing team how to set it up.

We have made the video available here for future organizers of LTHEchat and other tweet chats. Please feel free to share!

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