Thank you for supporting and participating in #LTHEchat. We would love to hear what is on your wishlist for future chats. Please add them to this page as a comment.

Growing wishlist since Sep 2016

  • Gender issues (Simon Rae)
  • preparation for life Post-degrees (Simon Rae)
  • Marking/feedback (Siobhan Dytham)
  • Innovating within a lecture format (Siobhan Dytham)
  • Getting the most out of Blackboard/Moodle (Siobhan Dytham)
  • Supervising Masters (Siobhan Dytham)
  • Interdisciplinarity (Julie Tardy)
  • academic & non-academic collaborations (Julie Tardy)
  • evaluation at large (Julie Tardy)
  • ‘institutionalised 73’: why is it rare in UK to use the whole assessment scale? (Katrina Swanton and Sabrina Poma)
  • International students and how to support them Nicole Brown)
  • teaching academic integrity, helping avoid plagiarism and contract cheating (Nicole Brown)
  • Educating the educators (Rashid Ali)
  • Social media in HE (Emma Jones)
  • importance of professional staff contributions to student outcomes (Ella Turner)

If you would like to facilitate any of the items on the wishlist (above and any comments that have been added below), please get in touch with the #LTHEchat organising team. 

Thank you so much.

10 Responses to Wishlist

  1. I’d really like a session on ‘graphicacy’ aka
    ‘graphical literacy’. We are all spending our days staring at screens which use graphics all over the place but we don’t teach students how to design graphics well nor how to critcially evaluate graphics they come across c.w. our teaching about writing. The argument for its consideration was recently put very eloquently in a keynote to NACIS (North American Cartoraphers) see video https://twitter.com/awoodruff/status/791367653214617601 and theres other discussion I’ve come across knocking around on the web. I’d be happy to host.


  2. Unpaid Internships – it’s still not what you know
    Flippin’ homework text:
    http://wonkhe.com/blogs/unpaid-internships-its-still-not-what-you-know/ by @SallyHolt13


  3. Sue Watling says:

    Hello – today I posted on the ALT Jiscmail list with the intention of crowd sourcing a top ten/top twenty of go-to pieces of research showing how education technology interventions can positively enhance learning – I wondered if an LTHEchat might also be a useful place to collate evidence. I won’t take up any more space here but happy to discuss the rationale for this suggestion further s.watling@hull.ac.uk
    Thanks 🙂

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  4. Student Workload Models – how do we measure the workload in contact hours, assessment and active learning? How do we structure our semesters for greater student learning and attainment?


  5. Not sure if a comment I made last night worked – my internet was being ‘quirky’. Anyway, was wondering about Student Workload Models as a topic. How do we measure student workload? How does workload impact on achievement and learning? What quick fixes are there? I would be happy to host.


  6. jennycrowglasgow says:

    Hello there, I would like to suggest an area for discussion – how staff support student belonging in ODL. I would be happy to help facilitate this too. I could also provide some related areas too. Many Thanks, Jenny


    • Chrissi Nerantzi says:

      Hi Jenny, this is great and we would be very happy for you to facilitate a chat around this. Please let us know your Twitter id and email so that we can get in touch with you regarding this. The programme is filling up but I am sure we would be able to find a slot before the summer. Thank you so much for offering. Chrissi @chrissinerantzi @lthechat


  7. Dr Adam Longcroft says:

    Small changes, big impacts – examples of relatively small changes at programme or module level that had a big impact on closing BAME attainment gaps, or student retention.

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