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#LTHEchat 35 Pedagogic Innovators in Higher Education with #BETTchat

This week we are delighted to join two communities together, the #LTHEchat community and the #BETTchat community. A few words about Bett from Bett “The award-winning #BettChat continues in 2016 driving incredible conversations within the education community. We know that … Continue reading

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#LTHEchat 34 with Anne Nortcliffe (@anortcliffe) on ‘understanding neurodiversity’ (hidden disabilities)

This Wednesday we are delighted to have Anne Nortcliffe (@anortcliffe) with us for #LTHEchat to discuss ‘undrstanding neurodiversity (hidden disabilities)’. Neurodiversity is an umbrella term referring to a group of neurological development disorders which share common features, in particular differences in … Continue reading

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Debbie Baff’s @debbaff #LTHEchat story

The Stamp of Approval Debbie Baff, soon to be working at Swansea University as a Senior Academic Developer, shared the following with us when we asked her about the Blue #LTHEchat Tweeter badge: “For me, an open digital badge means … Continue reading

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#LTHEchat 33 with Dr Hala Mansour @HalaMansour on Reflective Writing Spaces: Students’ Engagement and Challenges

Reflective writing in academic context involves reflective thinking of an event or idea happened to explore or to understand why and how it happened. It is quite challenging for students to stand back from a situation and evaluate their experience … Continue reading

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#LTHEchat 32 with Dr Kay Hack @hack_kay exploring ethical considerations in pedagogical research

This week we welcome Dr Kay Hack who will engage us in discussions exploring ethical considerations in pedagogical research. As a community we are passionate about ensuring we are using effective methods for teaching, learning and assessment. Much of the … Continue reading

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Ian’s story (@iwilsonysj ) #lthechat

We asked Ian Wilson, Senior Lecturer in Primary Education at York St John University, what the Blue Twitter badge means to him. Here is what he said: “Do you remember your first day at university, college or even school? That … Continue reading

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#LTHEchat 31 with David Hopkins @hopkinsdavid on the intrinsic and extrinsic value of academic blogging

This Wednesday we are delighted to have David Hopkins with us for #LTHEchat to discuss ‘the intrinsic and extrinsic value of academic blogging’. David says that: “Blogging has, for me, been part learning, part informative, part catharsis, and part a pain … Continue reading

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