#LTHEchat 35 Pedagogic Innovators in Higher Education with #BETTchat

This week we are delighted to join two communities together, the #LTHEchat community and the #BETTchat community.

A few words about Bett from Bett

“The award-winning #BettChat continues in 2016 driving incredible conversations within the education community. We know that our visitors are located all around the world, so we’ve created an environment for them to interact before the show, through the wonderful world of social media. Centred on the topics and issues at the front of every educator’s mind, BettChat is dedicated to facilitating networking through the industry. Every Tuesday at 4.30pm, we are getting together on Twitter to debate and discuss the most pressing matters in education today. To find out more, please visit our Twitter at @Bett_show and our website at www.bettshow.com

Bett is a free to attend show! Use this excellent CPD opportunity.

So what is this week all about?

For this tweetchat we will discuss Pedagogic Innovators in Higher Education and  explore together the characteristics of pedagogic innovators, the people and the work they do? What enables them to innovate? Where are the challenges? How can we help pedagogic innovators to grow and spread their passion for innovation and how can we all become innovators? As you see there are loads of questions. Let’s explore these together in creative ways. 

Today’s chat is linked to Chrissi Nerantzi’s (@chrissinerantzi) #pin project and this particular tweetchat signalises its launch. To find out more about the study, please read the blog post here and study the related information sheet in advance of the chat.

Participating in the joined-up #LTHEchat & #BETTchat on the 4th of November 2015, means that you are in agreement with this. If you have any questions related this, please get in touch.

As some of the tweetchat activities will be visual, it would be useful to practise drawing and model making with any resources you have available in advance of the tweetchat. These could be:

The Pedagogic Innovators or short #pin logo

  • LEGO(R) bricks
  • play dough
  • pasta shapes
  • (cotton) wool or
  • a combination of these or anything else

Having some of these resources to hand during the chat will give your experience another dimension. 😉 Check out also the presentation below.

Chrissi Nerantzi @chrissinerantzi, MMU

Chrissi Nerantzi @chrissinerantzi, MMU

Sue Beckingham, @suebecks, SHU

Sue Beckingham, @suebecks, SHU

Chrissi (@chrissinerantzi) and Sue Beckingham (@suebecks), both members of the #LTHEchat steering group will be co-ordinating this chat.



The Storify is available here: https://storify.com/LTHEchat/lthechat-35-pedagogic-innovators-in-higher-educati

If you are reflecting on this specific #LTHEchat please share your post with us so that we can reblog.

If you participated/are participating in any way in the #LTHEchat, please complete our short survey and let us know if you have other suggestions on how we could make the #LTHEchat more valuable for you. Thank you.

See you Wednesday, same time, same place 😉 – 8-9PM GMT #LTHEchat

We can’t wait to see Simon Rae’s (@simonrae) #LTHEchat doodle in advance of the chat but also all your contributions during the chat. On Sunday evening Simon shared his doodle with us all via Twitter.

created by our very own Smon Rae @simonrae

Please remember to use both hashtags this Wednesday: #LTHEchat & #BETTchat when responding. Thank you.

The LTHEchat team

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