What does #LTHEchat mean to you?

Please also add below as a comment in what way the #LTHEchat are of value for you. Thank you.


9 Responses to What does #LTHEchat mean to you?

  1. There is real substance to many of the exchanges and a feeling of collegiality, in my view. The range of voices and critical reflection are increasing, as well as awareness raising of tools, theory and approaches; these are encouraging my reflection and actions on and in my HE practice. It is also a rich environment for exploring how professional/HE communities learn and interact in (diverse?/ online) learning settings. The challenge is how synchronous and asynchronous elements can be interwoven effectively, I feel. The participant summaries look to be a powerful way of achieving this in part. Great fun, too.

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  2. co-production 😉


  3. David Eddy says:

    #LTHEchat to me is an energising ‘learning frenzy.’ It’s brainstorming in virtual learning spaces with like and different minded individuals swapping ideas, practice and tips. Really value these opportunities.

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  4. Dr Adam Longcroft says:

    LTHEChat is a collegial, open and inclusive shared learning space that allows colleagues who would rarely have the opportunity to learn together to do so in real time using the familiar Twitter platform. Its a great ‘space’ for dynamic thinking and discussion, and one that reaches out to a very diverse audeince which includes both academics, managers, policy wonks and specialists in various professional services or student support roles. Rarely do colleagues from such a broad spectrum interact so regularly, but also in a supportive and collegial way. You have to think fast, since the sessions only last an hour, but this focuses the mind! A great resource and one the UK sector can be genuinely proud of.


    • Chrissi Nerantzi says:

      Dear Adam,
      Thank you so much for your kind and generous comment. We are pleased that the chat is so useful for you and the wider academic community. It is amazing how through a democratic approach to leadership and participation it has become an initiative that is sustained and continues growing by the community for the community. Thank you and all for your valuable contribution.
      Chrissi and Sue


  5. virnarossi says:

    It’s an informal space to chat about T&L ‘on demand’ with both gurus and novices. It’s been an invaluable CPD event in the past year, and it has kept me thinking about important practice questions and possible answers during pandemic pedagogy

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