#LTHEchat 33 with Dr Hala Mansour @HalaMansour on Reflective Writing Spaces: Students’ Engagement and Challenges

Reflective writing in academic context involves reflective thinking of an event or idea happened to explore or to understand why and how it happened. It is quite challenging for students to stand back from a situation and evaluate their experience and feelings and reflect this on their writing.

How do you facilitate reflective writing for students? How using reflective writing spaces could help students to be engaged and to learn in an effective way?

Hala Mansour is Deputy Head of the DBA Programmes and the Programme Leader of MSc Management DL, Lecturer in HRM/OB at Northampton Business School, The University of Northampton http://www.northampton.ac.uk/directories/people/hala-mansour.

Hala MansourHala received her PhD in Management 2012 from Keele University and MA in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2013 from Keele University, UK. From 1995, Hala has held, also, research and teaching commitments at Cairo University and then Keele University. Her research focuses on Organisational Effectiveness, Organisational Culture, Organisational Change, Human Resource Management, Managerialism and New Public Management. She also interested in publishing from her teaching practices in Assessment and Feedback in Higher Education https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Hala_Mansour3

Dr Mansour won the prestigious Keele University Excellence Award in Teaching and Learning 2014:

Hala recognises the importance of the student voice; she places value on effective student led classes. Hala has a robust focus on Teaching and Learning with Technology in Higher Education, namely, the ‘Digital Natives Perspective’.

The Storify is available here: https://storify.com/LTHEchat/lthechat-33-reflective-writing-spaces

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