#LTHEchat 39 with Phil Newton @NewtonsNeurosci on ‘Academic Integrity’

This week we are delighted to have Dr Phil Newton to discuss ‘Academic Integrity’.

Phil_NewtonDr Phil Newton (@newtonsneurosci) is the Director of Learning and Teaching for the Swansea University Medical School. A self-confessed ‘plagiarism-nerd’, he has a long standing research interest in academic integrity.

Recent findings are that students are very confident that they know what academic integrity is when they start university, yet that confidence is misplaced and accompanied by a lenient view towards what should happen to students who ‘cheat’ (link).

His work on contract cheating with Dr Lisa Wallace has demonstrated that the academic ghostwriting business is a buyers market, with assignments available cheaply and quickly (link). He has also recently contributed a book chapter to the Springer Handbook of Academic Integrity in which he, along with Chris Lang, considered the legal status of ghostwriting companies around the world (link).

His recent keynote on Ghostwriting, from the European Plagiarism Conference, can be seen here.

This week’s LTHEChat will explore some contemporary issues in academic integrity – why do students get into difficulty, how would we know if students were using essay writing companies, who should quality assure the assessment procedures at UK HEIs to ensure that they consider contemporary issues in academic integrity?

The Storify is available here: https://storify.com/LTHEchat/lthechat-39-on-academic-integrity

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See you Wednesday, same time, same place 😉 – 8-9PM GMT #LTHEchat

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