#LTHEchat 78: Personal Pedagogies


This week’s chat is kindly hosted by Prof Norman Jackson (@lifewider1).

Norman Jackson is Emeritus Professor at the University of Surrey and is founder of the ‘Lifewide Education’ http://www.lifewideeducation.uk/ (@lifewider) and ‘Creative Academic’ http://www.creativeacademic.uk/ (@academiccreator) learning networks and resources hubs. He is currently developing the idea of learning ecologies.

The idea of personal pedagogies and how they form and evolve is emerging from a project being facilitated by ‘Creative Academic’ to explore how teachers create ecologies which enable students to learn, and use and develop their creativity. This LTHEchat is concerned with understanding participants’ perceptions of pedagogy, how they embody the idea of personal pedagogy and the influences on its formation.

You can find out more and contribute to the ‘Creative Pedagogies for Creative Learning Ecologies’ project through this link http://www.creativeacademic.uk/creative-pedagogies.html and Creative Academic Magazine (CAM7)  http://www.creativeacademic.uk/magazine.html

Please see the Storify here.


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