#LTHEchat 166: Microsoft Teams – A new model for communication and collaboration in education with @ChrisLearnTech

Microsoft Teams – A new model for communication and collaboration in education with @ChrisLearnTech

Microsoft Teams – Moving from learner ‘management’, to learner autonomy and skills for the future

I would like to start by acknowledging two excellent posts: one by Dale Munday, and another by Lawrie Phipps – both of which are extremely relevant and insightful pieces, that inspired me to write this particular blog post. I would absolutely recommend having a good read of these, if you haven’t already had the chance to.

Microsoft Teams has promptly become a topic of critical discussion across both the Higher, and Further Education spheres. This is partly due to emerging questions around the suitability of some existing and potentially ‘outdated’ digital learning platforms – often referred to as Learner Management Systems (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environments (VLE).

Note: For the purpose of this blog post, I will try (where possible) to avoid using such ‘labels’…

One distinction that could be made between said ‘traditional’ learning platforms and for example, Microsoft Teams, is the transition to an environment not driven by content or data, but by people, communication and collaboration.

Visit my blog post for more information.

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Chris Melia

Chris is a Senior Learning Technologist in the UCLan TELT team, and digital learning lead for the University’s Faculty of Health and Wellbeing. He holds Fellowship with the Higher Education Academy and has completed a PGCert in Digital Education with the University of Edinburgh. Since 2018, Chris has led development of UCLan’s innovative and sector- endorsed “DigiLearn” model – to recognise and reward the inclusive digital practice of academic colleagues. Keen to widen collaboration across the sector, he established UCLan’s “DigiLearn Sector” – a community fostered to connect digital practitioners from across FE, HE and beyond. Chris is also an active member of the Microsoft, Jisc and ALT communities – regularly contributing to their respective blogs and presenting at various sector-level events. He is a lead contributor to UCLan’s own Technology Enabled Learning and Teaching blog, and has his own blog – #edtechthoughts. As a Microsoft Learning Consultant, Chris now works with other institutions – supporting their adoption of Microsoft technologies to improve both staff and student outcomes.

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