#LTHEchat New kids on the block!

Here’s a quick blog to allow us to say Hi! We’re your organising team for the #LTHEchat until Christmas. Thank you to the previous team, @CarolineCooke, @kateawright and @cwaterhouse_e for their wonderful line up and thanks to @belld17 for coaching (only hope we can keep up the standard!) As we all continue to find our way through this weird new world of learning and teaching, this community will be the rock! Our first chat will be on Wednesday 9th September 8pm. Blog post to be published shortly- it gonna be a good one. But here’s a little about us………….

I am Dr Safia Barikzai, a former refugee from Afghanistan, and an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering at London South Bank University. I am a Senior Fellow of HEA and actively engaged in supporting colleagues with their HEA fellowship application.

I am passionate about encouraging more girls to study engineering subjects through playful pedagogies, playful coding, and Lego Robotics.


I am Dr Kate Cuthbert (PFHEA) and the Lead for the Professional Recognition Scheme at Nottingham Trent University.

I love twitter as a collective learning and teaching brain. I developed @NTUTilt as a way to build community around HEA fellowship- often a very lonely endeavour (see #NTUwritenow #Fellowshipat4).

@NTUTilt @cuthbert_kate

So that’s us….looking forward to hearing about your practice and learning from the best!

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