#LTHEchat 204: #creativeHE takeover! Creative approaches to student engagement online

Today’s Hosts

@laurablundell, Laura Blundell, is an Educational Developer at the Centre for Innovation in Education, University of Liverpool.

@ rachelleeobrien Rachelle O’Brien, is a Senior Digital Learning Designer at the Durham Centre for Academic Development, Durham University.

Laura and Rachelle are members of #creativeHE and share a common interest in creativity and innovation in learning, teaching and research. The #creativeHE team currently consists of 16 members, staff and students, in 13 different institutions and organisations in 3 countries. The #creativeHE team host various community driven events throughout the academic year culminating in an Annual Jam in around June time.

The #creativeHE community is open to anybody who is interested in exploring creativity in learning and teaching within and beyond the UK. Our values as a team, decided through online democratic dialogue, are creative, open, caring, collegial, collaborative, rebellious and trailblazing. If you would like to join us, you can participate in our activities which you will find on this website and join our FB community. We also use the hashtag #creativeHE on Twitter.


#LTHEchat 204 is hosted by Rachelle and Laura on behalf of the #creativeHE community.  #creativeHE supports pedagogical rebels and free-thinking innovators in experimenting with, developing, sharing and getting support for novel learning and teaching ideas.

During this week’s #LTHEchat, we ask you to reflect on your experiences and to share your ideas in order to support creative practice centred around student engagement online. #creativeHE members have been telling us that they are finding new and innovative ways to creatively approach teaching and learning in the online environment, and we want to extend the conversation to the #LTHEchat community.

In this #LTHEchat, the term ‘student’ is used to refer to anybody with whom you interact. This may be undergraduate/postgraduate students, academic staff, other professionals you encounter. Essentially, ‘students’, to you, should mean whatever you want it to be. Feel free to be creative in your interpretation of who we mean by ‘students’.

Want to stay in the loop and find out about upcoming #creativeHE events and activities? Why not sign up for the #CreativeHE mailing list using this link

If you’d like to register for this year’s Annual #creativeHE Jam ‘Looking back on what worked and looking forward to next year’ on 18th June from 11-2pm please use this link


Creative Academic Magazine

Hunter, A. Gillaspy, E. Withnell, N. and Nerantzi, C. (eds.) (2020) Our creative self understanding perceptions of creativity in learning and teaching. Prism, Vol. 3 No. 1, Edge Hill University and Liverpool John Moores


For more information about events coming up and to learn more about the community you can visit our website https://creativehecommunity.wordpress.com/


Street art ‘Together we create’ on a brick wall  Photo by "My Life Through A Lens" on Unsplash

Want to revisit this fab #creativeHE takeover! Exploring creative approaches to student engagement online with @laurablundell @ RachelleeOBrien Enjoy the 600+ tweets shared by our wonderful community of contributors via the #LTHEchat 204  Wakelet

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