#LTHEchat 208: An #LTHEchat with students

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Young and Lee (2020) suggest that higher education understands student voice as a ‘feedback loop’ that universities are constantly racing to close.  Institutions are peppered with student voice initiatives, Mendes and Hammett (2020) suggest that student voice is both ubiquitous and orthodox in HE, but how many of them actually create meaningful dialogue and change?

Bourne and Winstone (2020) discuss the importance of ‘surfacing’ student voice in an authentic way.  Whilst large scale, formalised surveys might be a sector wide expectation it is vital that as practitioners we find a way to value and legitimise authentic student voice. Why don’t we start by reconsidering the word “voice”? Dialogue seems to sit much more naturally and suggests a conversation rather than a monologue.  

When strong and productive relationships are built with students, dialogue becomes concomitant.  Ahmadi (2020) refers to students as “hidden treasures,” drawing on the work of Bovil et al (2016) to consider them as co-creators, designers and agents for change.  

Join us for an LTHEchat with a difference.  A group of Edge Hill University students will join the discussion to share the student perspective in real time. 


  1.  What does student voice look like in your institution?
  2.  How do you engage students as partners? What has worked well and what hasn’t?
  3. How does student feedback impact the ‘power dynamic?’
  4. The sector faces increasing commercialisation and marketisation.  How do we help students to be scholars rather than consumers?
  5. How do we embrace the ‘loop’ and communicate thinking and actions in response to student feedback?
  6. What would the perfect feedback system look like to you? Be as creative as you can with your answer. 

This week’s Host: Sarah Wright

Sarah Wright

Sarah Wright is a Faculty Senior SOLSTICE Fellowship Lead. Her role has seen her develop projects on the use of social media and online teaching, as well as lecture engagement and seminar design.  Sarah is an Apple Distinguished Educator, has written for the Times Educational Supplement,  contributing on a range of educational issues and sat on the Board of Management for NAACE, the national association for educational technology. Last year, she co-chaired the National Conference for Social Media in Higher Education and is now proud to sit on the editorial board for the journal.  Sarah is a Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching where she also enjoys reviewing for ‘Impact’ journal.  Sarah was shortlisted for the Guardian Excellence in Teaching award in 2019 and the Educate North award in the same category.  She was proud to win the Student Led Staff Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching.


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