What does #LTHEchat mean to you?

Please also add below as a comment in what way the #LTHEchat are of value for you. Thank you.


5 Responses to What does #LTHEchat mean to you?

  1. There is real substance to many of the exchanges and a feeling of collegiality, in my view. The range of voices and critical reflection are increasing, as well as awareness raising of tools, theory and approaches; these are encouraging my reflection and actions on and in my HE practice. It is also a rich environment for exploring how professional/HE communities learn and interact in (diverse?/ online) learning settings. The challenge is how synchronous and asynchronous elements can be interwoven effectively, I feel. The participant summaries look to be a powerful way of achieving this in part. Great fun, too.

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  2. co-production 😉


  3. David Eddy says:

    #LTHEchat to me is an energising ‘learning frenzy.’ It’s brainstorming in virtual learning spaces with like and different minded individuals swapping ideas, practice and tips. Really value these opportunities.

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