#HEAchat/#LTHEchat on Teaching and Learning in Law – Opinions Welcome

It’s the last Wednesday in the month which means that this week’s #LTHEchat will be joining forces with #HEAchat again. The topic this week is Teaching and Learning in Law and it’s being led by Ben Brabon who will be tweeting as @HEA_chat.

At the time of going to press, the LTHEchat team knows little more about what will be covered than the title. But as usual, friend of #LTHEchat and Golden Tweeter, Simon Rae has visualized his take on the topic:

We’re sure that the LTHEchat regulars will have much to contribute, and we look forward to welcoming new folks from the HEA, Social Sciences and Law Communities.

In tweets posted today, there is some indication of useful background reading:

When joining this week’s chat, please use both hashtags #HEAchat and #LTHEchat.

We’ll storify and TAGSExplore the chat after the event.

You can also view the TAGS Searchable Twitter Archive.

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