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#LTHEchat 157 A Proposal for a Sector-wide Framework for Personal Tutoring in HE with Ben Walker @benwwalker1

The Higher Education Research Act established a regulatory framework and the Teaching Excellence Framework with associated metrics for student retention, progression and employability.  In meeting these requirements, the significance of personal tutoring is clear. Despite this, according to existing institutional … Continue reading

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#LTHEchat 154: Design for Active and Blended Learning with Andrew Middleton @andrewmid

Active learning embraces a number of educational theories and pedagogic strategies including problem-based learning, enquiry-based learning, project-based learning, and team-based learning. Such philosophies and approaches are often presented in binary opposition to lecturing and other teaching-led methods – approaches which are often how today’s ‘lecturers’ experienced university. In reality, active learning and blended learning are integrated amongst a range of techniques that address and involve the student in different ways. This can be different according to discipline, teacher and cohort. This melding of approaches is seen most obviously in the concept of flipped learning where essential knowledge is first provided online where it creates the basis for a deeper social exploration through vibrant class-based activities. Continue reading

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#LTHEchat and #HEAchat with Dr Kate Cuthbert. @cuthbert_kate. New to Teaching – What makes for a successful entry into HE teaching?

Its back on the 25th May – the #HEAchat and the #LTHEchat combo! Both hashtags will be used during this discussion. We are not going all Judy Blume on you by asking what your first time was like…..but this tweet chat will focus on … Continue reading

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#HEAchat/#LTHEchat on Teaching and Learning in Law – Opinions Welcome

It’s the last Wednesday in the month which means that this week’s #LTHEchat will be joining forces with #HEAchat again. The topic this week is Teaching and Learning in Law. Continue reading

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#LTHEchat 51: Networks of distributed creativity with Laura Gogia, Frances Bell and Catherine Cronin

We – Laura Gogia, Frances Bell and Catherine Cronin – have worked for the last year on preparing an interactive symposium for Networked Learning 2016 that looks at the Networked Learning Community in the context of other communities and networks in open and connected learning. Not wishing to confine ourselves to the face to face symposium we are reaching out to others, before, during and after.

So LTHEchat community – will you engage with us and share your ideas? Will you become nodes in this broader network? Can we become nodes in your broader networks? How do you bridge different networks and communities in which you work and learn. We want to hear your ideas and bring them to our symposium — on negotiating openness as educators and learners; blending informal and formal learning spaces; and the potential as well as the limits of the networks.. We will, of course, bring back the outcomes of the symposium that you can follow on #NLbridge (before, during and after the Networked Learning Conference) and live on #nlc2016 at our symposium in May. Continue reading

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The night #LTHEchat tweet-jacked #EDENchat

@horrocks_simon: “Anyone up for an impromptu, off piste, rebel alliance #LTHEchat?”

@cpjobling: “What did you have in mind?”

@horrocks_simon: “Riffing on whatever comes to mind I guess.”

@cpjobling: “We could add #LTHEchat to interesting questions that come up in #EDENchat…”

@horrocks_simon: “Sounds like a plan! Watch out @timbuckteeth & #EDENchat, the #LTHEchat rebel alliance are coming your way… ” Continue reading

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#LTHEchat 49. 16 March. ‘Students are asking questions’ with Haleh Moravej (@HalehMoravej) and students of MMU

This week’s chat will be something special! Join some of Haleh’s students from@MetMUnch at Manchester Metropolitan University as they ask some random and provocative questions of the #LTHEchat community in order to let us hear the student voice. Continue reading

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