Massive thank you to our #LTHEchat organising group


Dr Chris Jobling @cpjobling

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our recent #LTHEchat organising team, Dr Chris Jobling, Kate Soper and Debbie Baff for all their hard work and commitment to the #LTHEchat community and for organising a wide range of interesting and thought provoking tweetchats in collaboration with many guests from different institutions and countries over the last few months.

Kate Soper

Kate Soper @katesoper

We hope that this experience has been valuable for the team as well and will lead to new adventures and collaborations.

The interest in the #LTHEchat has been sustained and grown this year and we are very pleased that so many continue engaging with such passion and further professional relationships and collaborations are emerging also as a result of this.


Debbie Baff @debbaff

As the #LTHEchat is a community led initiative, we are reaching out again to identify volunteers to become members of the next organising team in the new academic year. If this could be you, please fill out this short form here 

We would like to have a team in place by the end of July so that planning for the next year can start and hope this will be possible. 

Thank you also to the two previous organising teams this year (Dr Stephen Powell, Ian Tindall, Dr Chris Jobling and Dr Jenny Fisher, Neil Withnell and Chris Rowell), all our excellent guests and all of you who have embraced the #LTHEchat and participated this year as well as our partner #HEAchat for their collaboration and bringing two vibrant and energetic communities together.


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We wish you all a great summer and see you again soon.

The #LTHEchat steering group
ps: As already indicated there might be ocassional tweetchats running during the summer months 😉

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4 Responses to Massive thank you to our #LTHEchat organising group

  1. cpjobling says:

    Thanks Chrissi (and Sue) for the opportunity and good luck to the next team. If they need any help, they can count on me. Have a great summer.

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  2. Debbaff says:

    Reblogged this on Debs OER Journey and commented:

    I’ve loved every minute of it. …


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