We have got news for you >>> A triple Golden Tweeter Award!!!

Dear #LTHEchat friends,

We have have got news for you.

We are delighted to announce a triple Golden Tweeter Award!  This is the very first one of its kind and so very well deserved. Keep reading 😉

Golden Tweeter award

The triple Golden Tweeter Award goes to our exiting #LTHEchat organising team from Jan to March 2020, Dr Nathalie Sheridan, Dr Dawne Irving-Bell and their mentor Dr Chris Jobling who worked tirelessly and with great commitment on the steering wheel of the chat under challenging circumstances.

We are grateful for all their hard work, professionalism and creative input. This team has come up with interventions that have been proactive and responsive to real problems we are all facing and shown that together we can get through this.

This team and their mentor Chris has shown that introducing rotating organising teams some years ago and now even mentors who have previously supported the chat and the #LTHEchat community can be a sustainable solution for such an open professional development initiative.

A special massive thank you to Chris for many years of engagement and commitment to the whole #LTHEchat community. What would we do without you? 

Chrissi and Sue

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2 Responses to We have got news for you >>> A triple Golden Tweeter Award!!!

  1. Nathalie Sheridan says:

    Reblogged this on Creative HigherEd and commented:

    So I got a surprise today! We won awards … still frantically scrambling to organise the second half of the week and trying to remain responsive.


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