#LTHEchat no. 128 Virtual Exchanges Wednesday 17 October 2018 with Naomi Wahls

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Naomi Wahls is a First year Seminar instructor at the University of Colorado Denver for Fall 2018, teaching Global Competence through Intercultural Learning. She is a PhD Candidate at Open Universiteit, Netherlands researching Intercultural Collaborative Open Learning. She completed her Masters in Information and Learning Technologies and a second Masters of Spanish at UC Denver. She’s was a volunteer mentor for UNESCO Open Education for a Better World with a project in Uzbekistan in 2018 and is a GO-GN member and Open Education SIG committee member.

Naomi’s research involves the intercultural learning that takes place within virtual exchanges using open environments or OER.

Topic wise, Naomi Wahls focuses on virtual exchanges and how they can be used in virtual mobility to provide credit for students in other countries and also how open educational resources can be used within virtual exchanges as materials that instructors can utilize. It might be easier to either focus on the virtual mobility side or the use of OER in virtual exchanges as those are generally 2 different audiences.


Link to the wakelet: https://wakelet.com/wake/e299e858-4f28-4351-9263-1d0bc4c493ecpicture profile

About Marianna

Associate lecturer at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece. Main academic interests: teacher education and professional development, educational policy guidance and reform. Classes taught: Intercultural Education, Pedagogy, ICT in Education, Adult Education. Loves traveling, libraries and Aegean sea.
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