Supporting colleagues in contingency planning for Coronavirus: Covid19: A Special Edition #LTHEchat (Chat 170)

Hello from your #LTHEchat spring-semester curation team! @belld17 and @drnsheridan


Welcome to this very special #LTHEchat.

Please may we begin by thanking our colleagues who have had ‘chat’s’ scheduled for sometime but have been flexible in re-arranging which has supported us in enabling this week long chat to occur. Especially Beverly Gibbs who has been so kind in giving up her session next week which has enabled us to make this happen. We cannot thank you enough.

So, to explain a little bit about #LTHEchat 170.

This special session arises as a result of numerous requests from colleagues seeking support in contingency planning and preparation in light of emerging developments related to Covid19.

The Plan for the next 7 Days

We began a special week long chat this evening (11th March). The rationale for this duration is that while ‘fast and frantic’ is wonderful, and we all learn so much every week, we believe that for this topic, with so many perspectives to consider and so much information to process an hour simply isn’t enough.

Running for a full week will be able to gather detailed responses from each question posed. Also as the week progresses, theoretically having read someone else’s post, colleagues can go back and re-visit, adding to posts. From here we can pool our ideas, and in doing so create a wealth of information to share within and beyond the #LTHEchat community. Furthermore, running over a week will enable our International colleagues (who are perhaps unable to join us between 8-9 pm each evening) to participate. Enabling access to the very best information from across the sector globally. We will begin by posting a new question each day. 


A new question will be posted at 8pm each day. We envisage there may well be activity each evening, but there is no requirement to join in only at 8pm, the questions are open and we would encourage colleagues to be active and share thoughts throughout the week. 

Running alongside the #LTHEchat this week, we will facilitate a series of blog posts. So, if there is something you want to share please get in touch and we can arrange to share your perspective, contribution, resources, questions or ideas.

Plan for the Week: An overview


  • Wednesday, 10th of March (9 pm GMT) live for 24 hours
    • Professor Sally Brown: Assessment. Please visit this link to view a document Sally has created and please feel free to comment, edit and share your thoughts:
  • Thursday, 11th March (8 pm GMT) live for 24 hours
  • Friday, 10th of March (8 pm GMT) live for 24 hours
  • Saturday and Sunday: A weekend of resources
    • Beginning with resources provided by Professor Patrice Torcivia Prusko, Harvard Graduate School of Education, #LTHEchat invites you to share your resources and contingency plans. Share your resources here:
  • Monday, 16th March (8 pm GMT) live for 24 hours
  • Tuesday, 17th of March (8 pm GMT) live for 24 hours S
  • Wednesday 18th March 8-9 pm (GMT)
    • Consolidation. A review of the week hosted by #LTHEchat and #AdvanceHE_chat 
    • We are back on schedule as of tonight (18th March 2020) with a joined chat






About Dawne. @belld17

Dawne Irving-Bell, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer in Teaching and Learning development within the Centre for Learning and Teaching at Edge Hill University. She has extensive experience of working in secondary, further and Higher Education settings and is a member of The Centre for Higher Education Research and Evaluation at Lancaster University. Dawne’s research interests include the formation of learner identity and pedagogical approaches to learning and teaching with a particular focus on STEM subject disciplines. She also enjoys lecturing on visual thinking and advocates for technology and design education. Dawne is a member of The Staff and Educational Development Association’s (SEDA) Conference and Events Committee, and was recently invited to join the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning’s (ISSOTL) Narrative Inquiry Collaborative Writing Group. Dawne is the Network Lead for the AdvanceHE Connect Social Media for Learning Group, and is currently co-chair for The Social Media for Learning in Higher Education Conference. Dawne is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA) and leads on the University’s Graduate Teaching Assistant Teaching in Higher Education Programme, and the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education Developing Practice through Pedagogic Research Module. In her current position Dawne chairs institutional enquiries and leads on university-wide strategies to enhance the student learning experience, including Personal Tutoring and Induction and Transitions.
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