#LTHEchat No 10 Internationalisation

Elliebird_weeklyLTHEchatsummaryThis week’s chat topic was led by Steven Peters and supported by Dr David Walker.


The Storify is available HERE.

A new ideas was born during the chat! We will be introducing some non-English #LTHEchats and see how they go. Julie Tardy @jtardy81 offered to lead one in French and there was interest for further chats in Portuguese, Polish, Spanish and other languages. In order to make this happen we will need to work together. So if you are really interested, please get in touch with the #LTHEchat team.

Read more about what is being shared in the #LTHEchat community reflective summaries file below.

Don’t forget we would love you to contribute your reflections by sharing a link to a blog post you have written, an image or just as a bullet point! Simple click on where it says ‘Google Slides’ and this will open the summary in a new window (Google Slides). Add your contribution and it auto saves.

We look forward to seeing you again next week, same time, same place.

The LTHEchat team

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