#LTHEChat 65: Feedback and feed-forward: language and timing. With Phil Race @RacePhil

phil-2015I’m supposed to be retired now, but haven’t quite made it yet. I’ve been around in higher education learning and teaching for a long time, and written a few books over the years. I remain passionate about the importance of feedback in helping learning to happen successfully, and believe that feedback needs to be a dialogue, and that this is often best achieved face-to-face – but harder to ‘evidence’. I also believe that feedforward (to influence future actions) is by far the most important part of feedback, hence the importance of the language we use and the timing we achieve.

Feedback and feed-forward

In this Tweetchat I hope to stimulate some productive debate about two key issues here: the timing of feedback, and the importance of our choice of words when offering feedback to students. If the timing is wrong, the feedback can be entirely unused – and if the words are wrong, the feedback can damage learning rather than enhance it. I’d like us to start by reflecting on good and bad feedback we’ve experienced in our learning lives. Over to you…

Phil has kindly curated and shared some of his recent writing around feedback especially for this #LTHEchat.

The Storify is available here.

Visualisation of the chat

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See you Wednesday 19th October, same time, same place. 8-9PM (GMT+1) #LTHEchat

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