#LTHEchat 73 Change, leadership and pedagogic research

A photograph of Dr Hala Mansour

Dr Hala Mansour @HalaMansour the winner of #LTHLEchat Golden Tweeter Award Senior Lecturer in HRM/OB.

This week’s Tweetchat is kindly hosted by Dr Hala Mansour, Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management at the University of Northampton.

Hala received her PhD in Management 2012 from Keele University and MA in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2013 from Keele University, UK. From 1995, Hala has held, also, research and teaching commitments in different universities.

Her research focuses on Organisational Effectiveness, Organisational Culture, Organisational Change, Human Resource Management. She is also interested in publishing from her teaching practices in Assessment and Feedback in Higher Education. Dr Mansour won the prestigious Keele University Excellence Award in Teaching and Learning (2014).

Tweetchat (Weds, 18th Jan)

Change, leadership and pedagogic research.

This chat aims to develop a conversation around the impact of changes and leadership in HE on pedagogic research and practice.

Although profound changes redefining the role, mission and value of universities are sweeping through the HE sector, current conceptualizations of leadership and change management lean towards New Public Management’s high-level objectives and efficiency (Mansour, et al, 2015).

Alternative models, such as Whitchurch’s (2013) concept of ‘third space’, the strategic management of intellectual capital, primarily human resources (Devecchi and Petford, 2015), and notions of shared or even absent leadership (Laloux, 2015; Robertson, 2015) provide new ways to analyse how different stakeholders can create new and mutually effective ways of working together.


A team from The University of Northampton @UniNorthants and Keele University @KeeleUniversity is working in a project funded by the Leadership Foundation in Higher Education @LFHE about Change and Leadership in Higher Education @LCTinHE.

Through a mixed method approach, this project develops an understanding of the dynamics of leadership practices and strategies, and how these impact on academics, professional services, managers, and formal leaders’ ability to cope with change.


Dr Cristina Devecchi, Associate Professor in the Centre for Education and Research, Faculty of Education and Humanities.

Dr Cristina Devecchi @dmc_devecchi is an Associate Professor in the Centre for Education and Research, Faculty of Education and Humanities, at The University of Northampton where she is responsible for the PhD programme in Education.

She has carried out national and international research on various aspects and stages of education from the inclusion of children with disabilities to transition of young people with disabilities from secondary to further and higher education.

Her main interest is in how educational settings manage and foster collaboration between different members of staff. She was winner of the Outstanding Author Contribution Award at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2011) [Devecchi, M. C. and Nevin, A. (2010) Leadership for inclusive schools and inclusive school leadership. In. A. Normore (Ed.) Global Perspectives on Educational Leadership Reform: The Development and Preparation of Leaders of Learning and Learners of Leadership Advances in Educational Administration, Volume 11, 211–241]

LinkedIn profile Researchgate profile University profile 

Photo of Dr Jackie Potter

Dr Jackie Potter, Head of Learning and Professional Development at Keele University.

Dr Jackie Potter @Jac_Potter is the Head of Learning and Professional Development at Keele University.

A Fellow of the Staff and Educational Development Association since 2008, and more recently a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, she leads teams of professional services staff that deliver educational development, learning technology support,  researcher development, staff development and some organisational development for the University.

She maintains a research profile with her most recent activity focused on the scholarship of teaching and learning .

LinkedIn profile Academia profile  Researchgate profile


Nick Allen, Executive Officer in the Office of the Vice Chancellor at the University of Northampton.

Nick Allen @NAllen1976 is Executive Officer in the Office of the Vice Chancellor at the University of Northampton.

In this role, Nick works with the Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer to support, among other activities, strategic planning and risk management processes.

Nick has previously worked at The Open University and Sheffield Hallam University and is currently one of two Joint Midlands Regional Co-ordinators for the AUA.  His research interests relate to governance in higher education and the relationship between academic and professional services staff.

The Storify is available here

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    *Dr Hala Mansour* PhD, MSc, MA, BA (Hon), PGCTHE, PGC (T&L with Technology), FHEA Lecturer in Human Resource Management/Organisational Behaviour Northampton Business School The University of Northampton Cottesbrook Building Park Campus Boughton Green Road Northampton NN2 7AL Tel. 01604 892185


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