Joint tweetchat on Wednesday 22nd February 2017 – Can Curriculum Development be Guided by Product Design

Joint Tweetchat on Weds, 22nd February  8pm – 9pm (UK time).

This week’s joint chat with the HEA is hosted by Dr Kate Cuthbert & Dr Helen May

In their blog post – Can Curriculum Development be Guided by Product Design Kate and Helen focus their on curriculum development and the design process that sits behind this. They discuss how curricula is developed and ‘imagined’, how the design principles are assumed when developing curricula and hope that you are able to join the chat and share your own curriculum design practices.

Prior to the chat there has been activity on twitter to capture some principles from others – #Designcurr

We hope you will join us in the joint #HEA and #LTHEchat on Wednesday between 8pm – 9pm. It’s a collaborative effort on the last Wednesday of the month!

About Neil Withnell

I am a Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing
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