#LTHEchat 82: Evidencing practice for TEL

We are back after our Easter break! This coming Wednesday, 3rd May, we have Sue Watling and Patrick Lynch. Over to them…

Patrick and I have been invited to experiment with the #lthechat format. Hence this link to a google doc for anyone wanting to break free of the 140 character tweet limit.

We’re also flipping. Some (not all!) of the questions are already available on the google doc (above).

We are asking:

  • Is there evidence technology can make a positive difference to learning and teaching?
  • If so, where it is?
  • If not, does it matter?

For evidence read data. We (in particular Patrick) are interested in data of all shapes and sizes.  By the end of Wednesday evening’s chat we aim to have:

  • surfaced the role of data in TEL,
  • uncovered evidence of what has already worked
  • highlighted places where TEL is making a difference to what students do (for better worse!)

Alternatively, we might simply raise more questions than answers.
The chat has a TEL focus but if you feel inspired to contribute anything around evidence based practice in face-to-face environments (e.g. I could have used technology but didn’t) please feel free to do so.

To join the LTHEchat, follow the #LTHEchat hashtag on Wednesday between 8-9pm. Join in the conversation or just listen in. Everybody welcome.

The storify will follow shortly after the chat.

Sue is a Teaching Enhancement Advisor at the University of Hull and previously Senior Lecturer in Education Development at the University of Lincoln. With a background in technology enhanced learning, Sue supports staff and students with the shift from face-to-face to virtual environments (learning design, developing digital capabilities, accessibility etc) while her PhD research explores how staff conceptualise learning and teaching in a digital age. Sue is co-author of Social Work in a Digital Society https://uk.sagepub.com/en-gb/eur/social-work-in-a-digital-society/book238687 and maintains the Digital Academic blog https://digitalacademicblog.wordpress.com/


Patrick is currently a Teaching Enhancement Advisor at the University of Hull. Patrick has spent (too many) years working with learning technologies in a role supporting staff in their development of learning and teaching, sometimes with the use of technology. Patrick is the community coordinator for the international Apereo Open Source Foundation Learning Analytics Initiative and has recently been working with US company Unicon Inc. supporting the Jisc Effective Learning Analytics Project. Patrick is a proponent of combining Learning Analytics and Learning Design.

Patrick Lynch

1b503731f5fa1b98f40d0dd868660d9d_13Please remember to claim your #LTHEchat guest badge from here by submitting the related post to this specific chat. We will also remind you through the weekly blog posts.

The storify of the chat is available here

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