#LTHEChat 104: Love Higher Education? “Must be love, love, love…” with Kiu Sum @KiuSum

The next #LTHEChat Wednesday 14th February 8-9pm (GMT) will be a student-led discussion by Kiu Sum (@KiuSum), on “Love Higher Education? “Must be love, love, love…” Coinciding with Valentine’s Day, go and spread your #LoveHE to your colleagues and students, and join in the hour-long chat!

Kiu is currently a Research Postgraduate on a MRes Course at Imperial College London, previously graduated from BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition from University of Westminster. It was whilst studying at Westminster; Kiu found her passion in student engagement work and the opportunities to collaborate with members of staff on varies research projects. Where possible, Kiu is actively involved in learning and teaching projects. ‘Students As Co-Creators’ projects enabled her to discover the importance of pedagogy research, focusing on student experiences and engagement including the use of mobile learning devices, digital resources, and feedback in learning and teaching. She has also written a Student Voice article (in press) outlining her ‘Students As Co-Creators’ project experiences for the upcoming issue in the Student Engagement in Higher Education Journal.

The overall aim of this #LTHEChat session will explore the above title. All students and staff are welcome to participate to engage with the conversations using prompt questions. As is Valentine’s Day, there will be a twist… #LoveHE

Format of the session:

Q1, Q2, Q3 and etc will be asked as normal with participants using A1, A2 and etc…

If at any point #LTHEChat participants would like to direct specific questions to students, please use #AskTheStudent in tweet as well.

Your Pre Valentine’s Day Gift

6 different ‘sub’ areas will be explored. Just to give you a bit of a “pre-date present” on what is to come:

  1. Fact or fancy?
  2. Love of learning…
  3. Love/ Hate Partnership.
  4. Love or loathe.
  5. Passionate and enthusiastic
  6. Old and or new.

Storify: https://storify.com/LTHEchat/love-higher-education-must-be-love-love-love

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