#LTHEchat 114 will focus on Innovative Education in the Age of GDPR. The chat will be hosted by Lisa Harris @lisaharris

The next #LTHEchat on Wednesday the 23rd of May 8-9pm (GMT) will be based on questions from Lisa Harris @lisaharris about Innovative Education in the Age of GDPR.

GDPR legislation that’s about to be introduced presents many challenges to innovators in higher education. In particular, the value that educational applications of social media may be threatened by concerns over the sharing of personal data with third parties.

We will debate the issue and share examples of best practice in order to help to ensure that current challenges are channelled into positive outcomes for students in their preparation for lifelong learning in a digital workplace.

lisapic 2 (1)

Lisa Harris @lisaharris is Director of Digital Learning at the University of Exeter Business School. Previsourlt she was a Director of the Web Science Institute and the Web Science Centre for Doctoral Training at the University of Southampton. She enjoys inspiring innovative projects in partnership with students that result in new educational programmes, multi-disciplinary communities of practice and industry partnerships. Lisa is a contributor to: Innovation in HE a blog for teaching and learning innovators.

Lisa has recently achieved Higher Education Academy Principal Fellowship (PFHEA).

Here’s the Wakelet for this weeks chat: https://wakelet.com/wake/5b802436-4d97-4aab-ad70-837ffb7b6bc6


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