Technology Facilitation in HE institutions #LTHEchat 19 September 2018

Wednesday,19 September 2018 at 20.00 UK time zone

Next week’s #LTHEchat topic is Technology Facilitation. Nikos Mouratoglou has been involved in a Facilitation Program for Virtual Exchange in HE institutions. Coming to a deeper understanding of breadth and depth of Facilitation as a disciplined practice fascinated  Nikos and he would like to explore it with the @LTHEchat community.

According to the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) facilitation is “the act of making something easier. In group work, the facilitator works with a group of people to help them have a conversation, come to agreement, or plan for the future. In general, the facilitator acts as a trusted and neutral outside voice, making decisions about the process the group goes through but allowing the group to focus on and control the content of the discussion. The facilitator is a gentle guide, making it easier for the group to have that discussion.”

Nikos Mouratoglou wishes to explore Facilitation as a skill in and of itself, that students may learn and develop and take with them to their graduate futures. Nikos wonders how  we -as educators and individuals- practice and understand Facilitation.

If you wish to know more about facilitation, you can take a look at the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA):

nikosNikos Mouratoglou is a PhD student in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece. He is a Guest Lecturer in four universities: Aristotle University, University of Macedonia, University of the Aegean and the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. His research interests focus on Information Communication Technologies, Literacy and Cognitive Psychology. He is also engaged in the fields of Educational Robotics, Adult Education and Career Counseling, in which he completed two master degrees. Nikos has advanced research, teaching and professional experience in the public and private sector, while at the same time he is participating in various projects related to social sciences.



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About Marianna

Associate lecturer at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece. Main academic interests: teacher education and professional development, educational policy guidance and reform. Classes taught: Intercultural Education, Pedagogy, ICT in Education, Adult Education. Loves traveling, libraries and Aegean sea.
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