Celebrating 200 #LTHEchats later

Celebrating shared ideas

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Wow, how time flies. The #LTHEchat started as an unfunded experiment and pilot back in 2014. The plan was to trial this for 3 months.

We never stopped since. The community embraced the chat from the very beginning and this has helped hugely to be sustained until now. Thousands of staff and students from around the UK and further afield engage regularly in the weekly #LTHEchats.The rotating organising teams and mentors have helped enormously as well as all colleagues and students who have offered to share their work generously with the wider community nationally and internationally. 

We have had many opportunities to work with other initiatives and organisations such as our sustained collaboration with Advance HE and ALT for example and we are grateful for these. 

We thank you all!

Fast forward to 2021, a year like no other… 

It is about time to reflect together on the #LTHEchat and inform an evaluation that will help us think about the value the chat has had for those who participated in a range of ways but also its future.  

We would like to do collect data during the 200th #LTHEchat with you all and there will be an opportunity to also express your views anonymously. Chrissi and Sue will be participants and researchers in this inquiry as they interested in gaining insights into the #LTHEchat community and related experiences. 

Ok, here is a task for you in preparation for this chat. 

Please consider preparing a picture of an object, model, drawing, collage etc. with a caption that shows what the #LTHEchat means to you. You will be able to share this during the chat. We can’t wait to see your creations!

There is also an opportunity to complete a survey if you would like to provide your comments and thoughts anonymously.

All data collected for this evaluation will be made available as open data. We will encourage others to interrogate the data if this is of interest to them. Dr Javiera Atenas (@jatenas), an expert in open data will be consulted further on this. 

Dr Laura Pasquini (@laurapasquini) who has expertise in the area of researching tweetchats and communities of practice like the #LTHEchat, also kindly offered to support us.

See you all on the 17th of March at 8pm!

Chrissi and Sue

Martin Hawksey TAGS created and shared by Sarah Honeychurch based on the #LTHEchat 200

Wakelet #LTHEchat 200 https://wakelet.com/wake/9CHn85b1mis26Fau7_-6X?s=03

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