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LTHEchat 244: Community Co-creation of a Session or Module. Led by @hintondm Wed 19th Oct 22, 8pm BST.

On the Challenges of Designing Learning When designing teaching, learning and/or training sessions and modules we all commence with learning outcomes, official or unofficial. These provide a good statement of what our learners at the end of a set time … Continue reading

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#LTHEchat 226: Educator Social Support and Wellbeing in Social Network Sites. Led by @debbaff on 9th Feb 22, 8pm GMT

Being an educator has always required connecting with others and building relationships to give and receive support.  After all, education is known to be a demanding profession, and a lack of support can be a major reason behind educators leaving … Continue reading

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#LTHEchat 225: Supporting and Humanising Behavioural Change without Behaviourism – Nudges & Digital Footprints. Led by @ameenalpayne @mart_compton @soapykennedy on 2nd Feb, 8pm GMT

Hosted by an early career researcher, educator and incoming doctoral student (Payne), a disabled, undergraduate psychology student (Kennedy) and senior educator (Compton), our collaborative tweet chat aims to explore how behavioural change in online, higher education can be supported without behaviouristic … Continue reading

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#LTHEchat 223: A time for mindful academic practices? Led by @sd_elkington on 12th Jan, 8pm GMT

As we begin the new year, we are faced with the prospect of continued uncertainty, anxiety, and a sector in a state of flux. In many ways, the pandemic has been a focusing event for Higher Education, compelling universities to … Continue reading

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#LTHEchat 221: Student Unions’, the Student Experience and the University. Led by Colina Wright @colina_wright

Please note that the use of the term Students’ Union within this discussion is intended to cover Student Associations and Student Guilds.  I love working within Students’ Unions (SU’s), having done so since graduating over 20 years ago. I got … Continue reading

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#LTHEchat 220: Decolonising Learning Technology. Led by Professor John Traxler @johntraxler

What is Decolonising and What is Learning Technology? This part is easy. Learning technology, the phrase adopted by the Association for Learning Technology (ALT), embraces digital learning, e-learning and online learning, formal and informal, intended, spontaneous or accidental, but also … Continue reading

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#LTHEchat 213: Belonging – does it matter in the student experience? Led by Jenny Crow @JennnCrow

Within the UK, the next weeks bring the start of a new academic year, which can bring up a mixture of thoughts and feelings for both staff and students. The start of a new year can also be a time … Continue reading

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