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Katherine Haxton @kjhaxton is a senior lecturer in Chemistry at Keele University. Her research interests range from the use of diagnostic tests to support more effective teaching through to the impact of workload on student achievement.

#LTHEchat 142 Use of broadcast media and other AV resources across the disciplines with @cjrw

Unless someone in the Western world makes an intentional decision to go “off grid”, they are likely to encounter daily exposure to an abundance of audiovisual content. Television availability blossomed from three or four terrestrial channels in my youth, to … Continue reading


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#LTHEchat 141 How can staff development support effectively the work of professionals (staff and students)? with @DrRossEspinoza

There are multiple definitions of staff development and names used to describe this area of work. For this discussion, let’s start with one. Staff development can be described as a continuous process involving “education, training, learning and support activities”. It … Continue reading

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#LTHEChat 138 Internationalisation in Higher Education – what does it mean and what can we do? with @JennyLewinJones

‘Internationalisation’ often features in university policy strategies.  Yet it is a slippery term, with a range of interpretations. We discussed ‘internationalisation’ on #LTHEchat back in 2015, but it is worth revisiting to discuss what it means and how it affects … Continue reading

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#LTHEChat 137 How does technology support traditional study skills?

In the LTHEChat this week we would like to explore the role of the traditional student skills of note taking and critical reading. Software tools and mobile apps have been developed to allow rapid and easy access to multiple texts. … Continue reading

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