#LTHEChat 137 How does technology support traditional study skills?

In the LTHEChat this week we would like to explore the role of the traditional student skills of note taking and critical reading. Software tools and mobile apps have been developed to allow rapid and easy access to multiple texts. Sophisticated search tools can compile a comprehensive set of resources. Lecture capture systems allow students to revisit difficult concepts. With these technologies so widely available, is note taking, and are critical reading skills, still key to student learning? And if so, how can we use the tools available to assist.

This week’s LTHEChat is lead by Sue Lee and Dr Lydia Arnold.

Image of Lydia Arnold


Dr Lydia Arnold @HarperEdDev is an Educational Developer and Principal lecturer at Harper Adams University. Lydia is a Principal Fellow of the HEA and a National teaching Fellow. She blogs at lydiaarnold.net

Image of Sue Lee


Sue Lee @suelee99 is the eLearning Manager at Staffordshire University. Sue is a Senior Fellow of the HEA and is based in Academic Development.



The Wakelet can be found here: http://wke.lt/w/s/BT7aw

About KJHaxton

Katherine Haxton @kjhaxton is a senior lecturer in Chemistry at Keele University. Her research interests range from the use of diagnostic tests to support more effective teaching through to the impact of workload on student achievement.
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