Extra #LTHEchat on Wednesday 8th April 2015 – Interdisciplinary Working

The #LTHEchat community is taking over while the team is away 😉 Please join this special chat on Wednesday, 8-9pm UK time, if you are available.

This extra chat is hosted by Simon Rae, Dr Jenny Fisher & Neil Withnell.

Simon Rae

Simon Rae

Prior to retirement, Simon was Lecturer in Professional Development at the Open University – @simonrae





Dr Jenny Fisher

Dr Jenny Fisher

Jenny is Senior Lecturer in Social Care at Manchester Metropolitan University – @JennyCFisher




Neil Withnell

Neil Withnell

Neil is Associate Head Academic Enhancement at the University of Salford – @neilwithnell





This extra chat for anyone working in  education will explore the topic of interdisciplinary working and will allow participants to discuss how to encourage collaborative working, sharing examples and opportunities.

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