#LTHEchat No 44 with Chris Wiley @Chris_Wiley: Using music creatively to enhance non-music teaching

From the alphabet song to ‘The Elements”, music has the power to facilitate learning at all levels of study. It introduces an experiential, interactive component to a teaching environment that may otherwise be transmissive and unstimulating.

This #LTHEchat will explore how music may be used to enhance teaching even in non-music subjects (by which I mean subjects which – unlike, say, music performance, dance, or musical theatre – do not naturally include music). It will provide the opportunity for participants across the disciplines to share practices in which they have incorporated music creatively within their teaching or assessments, whether singly or in combination with other arts. Reciprocally, it will enable those who have not yet brought music to their classroom to gain ideas about ways in which they may seek to introduce this added dimension to their teaching.


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See you Wednesday, same time, same place 😉 – 8-9PM GMT #LTHEchat

The storify is available here

The visualisation is available here

The LTHEchat team
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