#LTHEChat 61: Part time learners. With Linda Robson @LindaOpen

lindaLinda Robson is a Lecturer and Staff Tutor based in the School of Engineering and Innovation at the Open University. She manages a team of 40 Associate Lecturers delivering 5 modules to around 1000 students. She also provides staff and academic development, both face to face and online, to Associate Lecturers from across the University.

Outside work, Linda is an endurance athlete who’s just completed her 7th Ironman and is currently training for the British Open Water Swimming Championships.

Part-time learners

In this first #LTHEchat after our Summer break we’ll be discussing part-time learners. Many of us who take part in #LTHEchat will be, or have been part-time learners in our time, studying for learning and teaching qualifications, plugging away at PhDs, or pursuing CPD opportunities: what lessons can we take away from these experiences to improve the journey for our own part-time students?  Do part-time students face unique barriers or would those in full-time education also appreciate flexible approaches? We’ll consider these and other questions when we return.

The Storify is available here. As there were over 80 tweets this has been curated to make it more easily readable.

The visualisation is available here with thanks to Chris Jobling @cpjobling

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See you Wednesday 14th September, same time, same place. 8-9PM (GMT+1) #LTHEchat

The LTHEchat team

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