#LTHEChat 62: Assessment and student engagement. With Dawn Alderson @dawn_alderson and Robert Dragan @robert_dragan

yq49ooq9Dawn Alderson has been involved in Education since the 90s; a qualified teacher, Dawn has worked across education sectors in England & Wales that involved classroom teaching, university teaching as well as completion of research projects undertaken for local and national government-education initiatives.  She has read for a few degrees full-time/part-time/online; published a number of outputs as well as delivered talks overseas, and presented at conferences in the UK.  While education per se, is her specialist subject; she has expertise in child development, educational technology, research methods, pedagogy and curriculum design.

robert-draganRobert Dragan is an education and technology enthusiast, who has began programming and developing educational apps from an early age. His interests include social
learning, mobile learning and the use of assessment to drive student engagement. Robert is currently the CEO of Learnium (@learnium), a social learning platform that enables teachers and students to connect, communicate and collaborate online.

Assessment and student engagement.

In this #LTHEchat we’ll be discussing student engagement and assessment. Although we know these two items can be considered in terms of teachers and student perceptions as stand alone items, we also know that both items are directly linked for progression and continuity. This session aims to explore what is that we do to ensure/increase engagement whilst bearing in mind  assessment design.

The Storify is available here.

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See you Wednesday 21st September, same time, same place. 8-9PM (GMT+1) #LTHEchat

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