#LTHEchat 84: Student Retention – where do we start?

This coming Wednesday we have Neil Withnell, so over to Neil to explain the topic and the pre-tweet chat reading (optional).

Following on (very nicely) from last week’s chat on the first year experience (you can find details here) this next chat will explore the issue of retention in higher education.

Retention is a highly topical area and is one of the metrics in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), which is at the forefront of Higher Education. The TEF is highly relevant but more important is the issue of learners choosing a subject/career/future and then find themselves in a position of leaving – surely this is something that could be avoided? A startling statistic highlighted almost a third of first-year students had dropped out/thought of leaving their course – you can read this here

There is a lot of literature regarding this subject (also focusing on attainment, progression etc) and a useful starter is the HEA framework

This twitter chat is an opportunity to share experiences, ideas, thoughts and discussion on this vital topic. Be prepared for a few twists and turns this week……

The storify to this chat will be linked to from here (this is just a flavour of this very active chat).

Neil Withnell

Neil Withnell is an Associate Dean Academic Enhancement at the University of Salford. He is a regular LTHE chatter and a recipient of the LTHEchat golden tweeter award. He is a Senior Fellow of the HEA and passionate about higher education and the student experience.

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