#LTHEChat 139 Nurturing a feedback culture with @invisiblegrail

Honest feedback is hard. It can be hard to listen to, and difficult to give. Yet as Learning and Teaching practitioners, this is a core part of the learning process for our students; it helps them to listen and respond to challenge, and to adapt their mindset and approach. Over time, it builds resilience, and nurtures the expectation that seeking out opinions from others will ultimately end in a better outcome for everyone.

But whilst we expect our students to grow and thrive through our feedback, do we hold ourselves accountable to the same expectation?

Are we, as individuals and a community, receptive to feedback, using this as an opportunity to grow and learn?

Between colleagues, feedback can be challenging, and in hierarchical working cultures it can be daunting. Yet, if we don’t challenge each other we only ever preserve the status quo, and inaction becomes enabling.

If we were to nurture a feedback-rich culture, where we trust each other and so trust that when feedback is given it is thoughtful and thought through, we might also benefit from greater resilience and an adaptable approach, as individuals and as a community.

At a time when pressure is mounting to excel at the student experience, a feedback-rich culture that is expected, lived and valued by everyone in the university could help us adapt and thrive; consciously choosing to learn rather than battle to stay the same.

For this tweet chat, we want to know how we can tap into our skills in feeding back and use these to grow stronger communities in learning and teaching. We want to know how we can bring this narrative alive.

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Over the last six years Louise has crafted a career in marketing and communications within higher education. Specialising in professional development, Louise thrives on working with people to bring alive the stories that show the wider world who they are and why what they do matters.


The Wakelet for this chat is available: http://wke.lt/w/s/pQg5T

About Sarah Honeychurch

I'm a Good Practice Adviser at the University of Glasgow with a PhD in Education about affinity networks and connected learning. I am an editor for Research in Learning Technology. I blog at https://www.nomadwarmachine.co.uk/ Twitter: @NomadWarMachine
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