#LTHEChat 140 #RAISEEngAssess Authenticity in Assessments with @KiuSum @J_JutleyNeilson @OBrienUoL1

The next #LTHEchat will be hosted by the co-convenors of RAISE Special Interest Group, ‘Engaging Assessment’ (#RAISEEngAssess) discussing “Authenticity in Assessments”. (And yes, is double hashtags!)

Inspired by the successful #LTHEchat monthly chat with #AdvanceHE_chat with the recent topic on “Inclusive Assessment: Where Next”, this chat on Wednesday 13th March 8pm – 9pm discusses best practices on engaging students (and staff) in assessments. The  aim of the chat will be to explore the meaning behind “authenticity” within assessments, share the  practices and challenges of authentic assessments and explore potential strategies and approaches to enhance authenticity.

kiuKiu Sum (@KiuSum) is a Co-Convenor for the ‘Engaging Assessment’ Special Interest Group at RAISE, and currently sits on the committee as the Student Officer. Kiu has been involved in a number of student engagement, which led to her first publication (Sum, 2018) and becoming a reviewer in Student Engagement in Higher Education Journal (SEHEJ). Kiu has also taken on various roles in pedagogy projects, to help champion student engagement including collaborating with Jisc as their Student Partner. She has been an active #LTHEchat participant (led a few chats and part of organising team previously) and continues to work with students and staff in Higher Education by day.

jagjeetJagjeet Jutley-Neilson (@J_JutleyNeilson) is the Director of Student Experience and Progression at University of Warwick (Psychology), a Senior Fellow of HEA and a Co-Convenor for the ‘Engaging Assessment’ Special Interest Group at RAISE. Prior to Warwick, Jagjeet oversees the departmental student experience activities, NSS and TEF metrics, and leads on widening participation activities, student engagement, promoting student voice and pedagogical research. She also works with student on a one to one basis focusing on employability and academic skills. Jagjeet also teaches academic skills, developmental psychology to undergraduate students, and project supervisor to PhD and undergraduate students.

paulaPaula O’Brien (@OBrienUoL1) Principal Lecturer [Teaching] at Lincoln International Business School, Department of People and Organisations

I have extensive experience in the delivery of international MBA programmes delivered in UK, Hong Kong, Zambia and Oman. I possess experience in the development of staff and their pedagogic approach  and inform my own teaching through reflexive practice.  My roles include: College Student in the identity work of international students  with particular focus on diversity and inclusion . I am currently working on a number of student engagement related projects which are cross disciplinary .

RAISE Network website: http://www.raise-network.com/home/

The Wakelet for this chat is available

About Sarah Honeychurch

I'm a Good Practice Adviser at the University of Glasgow with a PhD in Education about affinity networks and connected learning. I am an editor for Research in Learning Technology. I blog at https://www.nomadwarmachine.co.uk/ Twitter: @NomadWarMachine
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