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I'm a Good Practice Adviser at the University of Glasgow with a PhD in Education about affinity networks and connected learning. I am an editor for Research in Learning Technology. I blog at Twitter: @NomadWarMachine

#LTHEChat 234 Is a picture worth a thousand words?: incorporating the visual in your teaching. Led by Paul Kleiman .@DrPaulKleiman on 11th May 2022, 8pm BST

This week Paul Kleiman will ask “is a picture worth a thousand words? You can read all about this on his blog. Wakelet Here is the link to the Wakelet of this week’s chat Chat Questions Q1 To what … Continue reading

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#LTHEChat 233 Support for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Led by Christina Elliott .@Dr_CL_Elliott, Scott Turner .@scottturneruon and Sarah Honeychurch .@NomadWarMachine How do you feel about undertaking a scholarship of learning and teaching (SoTL) project? Are you an experienced and confident SoTLer or do you struggle to get started?  … Continue reading


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#LTHEChat 143 Sketchnoting Extra Activity with Dawne Bell @belld17

Wow! Wow! Wow! What an amazing chat that was! Thank you so much for sharing all of your fantastically creative ideas and just for fun, we thought it might be nice to present a little award for the most creative, … Continue reading

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#LTHEChat 143 Sketchnoting with Dawne Bell @belld17 April 10th 2019 8-9pm BST

While the use of visual techniques including pictures, graphs, charts, videos and patterns in letters or learning are well known, the advantages of learners creating their own visuals to help retain focus and as a technique to aid memory recall … Continue reading

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#LTHEChat 140 #RAISEEngAssess Authenticity in Assessments with @KiuSum @J_JutleyNeilson @OBrienUoL1

The next #LTHEchat will be hosted by the co-convenors of RAISE Special Interest Group, ‘Engaging Assessment’ (#RAISEEngAssess) discussing “Authenticity in Assessments”. (And yes, is double hashtags!) Inspired by the successful #LTHEchat monthly chat with #AdvanceHE_chat with the recent topic on … Continue reading

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#LTHEChat 139 Nurturing a feedback culture with @invisiblegrail

Honest feedback is hard. It can be hard to listen to, and difficult to give. Yet as Learning and Teaching practitioners, this is a core part of the learning process for our students; it helps them to listen and respond … Continue reading

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#LTHEChat 136 “I’m stuck! (But don’t help me…)”

New technologies come and go, energising those of us who are ‘early adopters’ of such technologies, while leaving those who are less enthusiastic about the latest gadget in its wake. These are people who are not ‘anti’ technology, or have … Continue reading

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#LTHEchat 135 -Teaching problem-solving with @scottturneruon and @DrGaryHill1

This week we welcome visualisation wizard Scott Turner from the University of Northampton (UoN), and his colleague Gary Hill. Scott and Gary are going to get us thinking about how to teach problem solving. Problem-solving and problem-based activities are, arguably, … Continue reading

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