#LTHEchat 162: ‘Playful Learning Technologies’ with Katie Piatt @katiepiatt facilitated by Rachelle O’Brien @rachelleebrien

Katie has previously led an LTHEchat on Playful learning experiences (https://lthechat.com/2017/12/03/lthechat-98-engagement-through-playful-learning-experiences-with-katie-piatt-katiepiatt-and-fiona-macneill-fmacneill/) – but tonight we are thinking about how we can use technology in a playful way and not just the easy things (like a Kahoot) but making the VLE, webinars and things like Microsoft Teams more playful too.

Firstly though, what do we mean by Playful Learning? We’re talking about activities and approaches to learning that start with a spirit of playfulness: this might be by using tools or games, but most importantly finding different ways of doing things to create a safe space for learners to take risks, to try and fail and importantly, for learners and teachers alike to become open to new possibilities.

It seems that, despite our best intentions, the most common use of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) such as Blackboard, Moodle and Canvas is to upload files or links into a series of folders. I have observed very few examples where educators add playfulness to their VLE content. 

This weeks tweetchat looks to collate real examples that have worked for participants and a chance to reflect on the value of making things more playful.


Katie Piatt is the elearning manager at the University of Brighton.  Katie has a real passion for technology and how it can make teaching more effective – working with her team to support staff across the university to provide a better teaching and learning experience. Katie is co-Chair of the Playful Learning Association (http://pla.playthinklearn.net/) and loves being able to introduce techniques and tools to make learning more fun and engaging. If you’ve ever seen Katie present, there was probably a quiz involved! 

Photo of Rachelle O'Brien

Rachelle O’Brien is an Educational Developer at University of Liverpool Centre for Innovation in Education. Rachelle is passionate about digital education and providing equal learning opportunities for all. With interests in psychology, games and play in education, Rachelle can often be found using innovative techniques to encourage staff and students to think differently about difficult concepts. These include game creation, escape rooms and the use of Lego to name just a few. Her blog can be found here: https://rachelleeobrien.wordpress.com/

About rachelleeobrien

I'm a tea drinking, Netflix enjoying, Disney lover who works as a Senior Digital Learning Designer at Durham University. Recent MSc Digital Education graduate from the University of Edinburgh.
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