Q7: What aspects of your work could you undertake remotely and what aspects do you feel need to happen face to face for them to be successful?

Supporting colleagues in contingency planning for Coronavirus: Covid19: A Special Edition #LTHEchat (Chat 170)

Simon is a “flipped academic” (Bruton 2012) and the director of the Centre for Innovation in Education at the University of Liverpool. He has held a number of academic posts including a senior academic post as Head of Digital Pedagogy at Leeds Beckett University, in their Centre for Learning & Teaching. His work includes the development of a conversational framework for technology use, with a focus on it’s ability to enable, enhance, enrich and empower learning & teaching and the integration of digital capabilities as a model for curriculum development.

For more information follow here: https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/centre-for-innovation-in-education/staff/simon-thomson/

Simon has provided two different resources for today’s special edition of the #LTHEchat

A remote teaching guidance: https://blog.digis.im/ed-tech/remote-teaching-guidance/

And a blog post: https://blog.digis.im/musings/remote-working/

close up of hawthorn blossoms

As usual if you want to contribute beyond the social media outfits this is the link to the open access document for Question 7: https://tinyurl.com/tws4jom

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