LTHEchat Easter-Egg

The Image above is an interactive image, click on the yellow decorations and get links to fun stuff to do during your Easter Break.

For accessibility the links are also listed below:

Free Virtual Museum Tours and Exhibitions

12 Virtual Museum Tours

Open Culture Article with various links to Chinese Museums that have gone online due to shut down

Free Films and Audio

Free 80s and 90s Pop Culture VHS recordings

Free Children and Young Adult Audiobooks during school shut down

Free Collection or courses, books, and media on Open Culture

Historic Newsreel Films

Charlie Chaplin Films

Concerts and Plays Online

MET streams live opera

Globe London recorded Shakespeare Plays

Arts and Crafts

Free Museums Colouring Books

Mo Willems is teaching to draw on YouTube

Free Books

Guggenheim Free Art Books

New York Public Library

Free eBooks but also virtual objects and exhibitions

Free libary Resources

Recommendations from the LTHEchat Community

Hope we found them all! Please keep adding as you find things into the comments below, and thank you everyone for their suggestions!

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3 Responses to LTHEchat Easter-Egg

  1. cpjobling says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for curating these guys! Can I give a plug for the British Origami Society?

    Liked by 1 person

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