#LTHEchat191 Challenges with online assessments in the COVID learning environment with host Dr Carina Ginty @carinaginty

Designing and managing online assessment is proving a challenging task this year among the academic community. The COVID remote learning emergency has placed huge demands on lecturer’s time and there are concerns around managing academic integrity across all disciplines. In response to these challenges and to support colleagues’ engagement with online assessment, I developed a short online assessment guide, with input from a wide range of stakeholders including the GMIT Teaching and Learning Office team, our Digital Champions lecturer network and professional services colleagues in quality assurance and exams administration. This Online Assessment Guide showcased on our http://DigitalEd.ie knowledge platform, presents five sections including:

Section 1: A range of online terminal exam/assessment options, requirements, set up and quality considerations. 

Section 2: Selecting online alternatives to common assessment methods.

Section 3: Academic integrity considerations.

Section 4: A programme of assessment themed training events including webinars and workshops. Plus, learning technology design clinics (AMA on Assessment – Ask Me Anything, 15-minute express clinics).

Section 5: Additional assessment resources, you may choose to explore.

Please do visit the resources and consider your practice in light of the information. Think about how your practice has evolved over these last months. How has infrastructure changed and what things are you noticing in the HE community, that is growing up around assessment in the COVID climate.

I’m looking forward to learning from the LTHE Twitter network on Wednesday December 9th and sharing ideas of best practice on online assessment!

Dr Carina Ginty is the Teaching and Learning Officer and a Lecturer in Teaching and Learning at GMIT. Carina manages the teaching and learning office and collaborates with academic and professional services colleagues across five campuses developing innovative teaching practices and engaging student learning experiences. She has led a variety of education development projects for GMIT and higher education partners in Ireland and internationally on: professional development of teaching in HE; student leadership and engagement (PASS programme); digital capabilities and leadership; mentoring; community engagement; recognition of prior learning; ePortfolios; assessment; online and blended learning design; transitions, retention and the first year experience.


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