#LTHEchat192 Just as nice to give as receive with Guest hosts Dr Kate Cuthbert @cuthbert_kate Dr Safia Barikzai @SafiaBarikzai and Dr Dawne Irving-Bell @belld17

The tradition of exchanging gifts has a long heritage (cave man popped up in a google search but best not rely too heavily on that!) It is also something that transcends religions, cultures and geographical boundaries. Whilst there are nuances in the symbolism of gift exchanges, the themes of friendship, good will and wellbeing reoccur. After the year we have all experienced it seems fitting to adopt a form of gift giving into the final #LTHEchat of the year.

Over the last months we have shared ideas, connected with each other through shared challenges and sometimes just tipped up at 8pm to be amongst friends who know. Who knew that in just 280 characters there could be evidence of kindness, collaboration and generosity? We have had a rich schedule this semester; thank you to those who have provide stimulus and searching questions. Thank you to participants who have chewed over topics and sparked conversations.

So, on Wednesday we are going to facilitate a tweetchat that has gift giving at its heart, (with a learning and teaching twist). Here’s how it will work. Below you will find a gift list. Before Wednesday we would like you to go searching for “gifts” that you would like to bring to the #LTHEchat community.  The gifts could be taken by the recipient and applied to their practice either in terms of their work with learners, colleagues or peers. Gifts could be your advice, your reflection or your recommendations for the individual to explore. Links, papers, resources are very much welcomed.

#LTHEchat gift list

  1. A feedback strategy or technique that has made a difference
  2. A piece of equipment (could be digital or not) that you value in your practice
  3. A contribution to the way in which learners engage with research (could be teaching research/ could be developing peers/ could be scholarship development)
  4. A gift to those who are facilitating group work
  5. A gift to those who are developing critical thinkers and critical writers
  6. A book or film recommendation to a friend that takes them into 2021

Dr Kate Cuthbert (PFHEA) leads the Professional Recognition Scheme at Nottingham Trent University. She is on a mission to create community around fellowship to prevent feelings of isolation or imposter syndrome. She has applied her academic background of psychology to interprofessional learning, patient safety and teaching development. @cuthbert_kate

Dr Safia Barikzai is an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering at London South Bank University. Known to “play” with 3-D printers she is passionate about encouraging more girls to study engineering subjects through playful pedagogies, playful coding, and Lego Robotics. @SafiaBarikzai

Dr Dawne Irving-Bell is the Centre for Learning and Teaching Projects Lead and a Senior Lecturer in Teaching and Learning Development at Edge Hill University. She can draw a bit and uses sketchnoting as a personal tool to organize her thoughts. In her teaching, she uses ‘sketchnotes’ both to communicate her perspective and help students develop techniques for their own use. @belld17

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