LTHEchat 173: Student and Staff Voices during a Pandemic and Online Pivot

Student (and staff) Perspectives and Feedback on current arrangements for Learning and Teaching with @suebecks, @belld17 and @drnsheridan

This is the last LTHEchat before the Easter Break and given the current circumstances of remote working, self-isolation, and online pivoting we collected the perspectives of students and staff experiencing this situation and created questions based on some of the key themes. We all hope that LTHEchat over the last weeks was able to offer you some support, resources and the feeling of belonging to an international community. And look forward to seeing you again after the Easter Holidays.

Word Cloud of Themes, for details follow this link:


We are not letting you off into the break without a little bit of fun! For many of us the Easter Break, will very likely not be much of a break. To cheer you up and we have hidden a little Easter Egg in the questions. And will post an Easter Egg blog on Wednesday evening.

Your LTHEchat team!

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