#LTHEchat 2019-20 round up


Caroline, Kate and I have officially come to the end of our term here behind the scenes at #LTHEchat and now is an opportune moment for us to reflect back on the past few weeks.

This is the second time I’ve been involved in the #LTHEchat organising team, the first time, I had to learn fast about the tools in Twitter that make chats, curation of tweets and archiving happen. The second time around, albeit amidst a pandemic, I have enjoyed working through the same procedural tasks but with refreshed eyes and different perspectives from what were my new team mates, Caroline and Kate. (Working from home during a pandemic, with two children and my husband also trying to get their heads down for some time each day, is a blog for another time and page!)

I’m looking forward to some down-time over the summer, as we’re sure you will be too, amid planning for next academic year, but networking won’t stop – we know that – so if you have useful ideas to share, please do include the hashtag #LTHEchat in your tweets, so others can follow.


This Thursday 16th July 1530-1930hrs BST, Advance HE are running a tweetchat:

Higher Education Leadership in the Pandemic Age – from crisis to connected campus

Pre-reading is the SDCE Final Capstone Report, along with the recent blog by Doug Parkin which also contains more information on the tweetchat.  The hashtags to follow for this are #AdvanceHE_chat #LEADHE. 


Whilst the weekly #LTHEChat takes a break until September:

We thought you might find the quick links listed below handy as you prepare for next academic year. We’ve also added a guide to setting up and using Tweetdeck at the end of the blog, so you can monitor a hashtag as and when you want.


In response to COVID-19:

The #LTHEchat Spring term team, Dawn Bell and Nathalie Sheridan, facilitated the building of a shared Google doc, developed jointly with SEDA, to support colleagues in the fast-paced transition to online teaching and assessment: https://lthechat.com/2020/03/30/quick-link-to-resources/


#LTHEchat went on to benefit from more fantastic guests and discussions during this summer term:

#LTHEchat 174: Do Games Technologies Have a Place in Higher Education pedagogy? with guest host Dr Chris Headleand @ChrisHeadleand https://lthechat.com/2020/04/19/lthechat-174-do-games-technologies-have-a-place-in-higher-education-pedagogy-with-guest-host-dr-chris-headleand-chrisheadleand/

#LTHEchat 175: Teaching as performance: performative aspects of teaching in higher education with guest host Dr Richard Bale @RichBale https://lthechat.com/2020/05/03/lthechat-175-teaching-as-performance-performative-aspects-of-teaching-in-higher-education-with-guest-host-dr-richard-bale-richbale/

#LTHEchat 176: How do students engage with learning technologies? With guest host Professor Momna Hejmadi @bssmvh https://lthechat.com/2020/05/10/lthechat-176-how-do-students-engage-with-learning-technologies-with-guest-host-professor-momna-hejmadi-bssmvh/

#LTHEChat 177: The future of effective assessment: more than just a paperless prospect? With guest hosts Professor Sally Brown @ProfSallyBrown and @Unisteff https://lthechat.com/2020/05/17/lthechat-177-the-future-of-effective-assessment-more-than-just-a-paperless-prospect-with-guest-hosts-profsallybrown-and-steffen-skovfoged/

#LTHEChat 178 Overcoming students’ fear of public speaking with guest host Dr Rob Grieve @robgrieve17 https://lthechat.com/2020/05/31/lthechat-178-overcoming-students-fear-of-public-speaking-with-guest-host-dr-rob-grieve-robgrieve17/

#LTHEChat 179: ‘Teaching and Learning via Public Engagement’ with guest host Dr Sara Houston @SaraPMHouston https://lthechat.com/2020/06/07/3951/

#LTHEChat 180 Self-care with guest host Viv Rolfe @VivienRolfe https://lthechat.com/2020/06/15/lthechat-180-self-care-with-guest-host-viv-rolfe-vivienrolfe/


A guide to setting up and using Tweetdeck:

The following screenshots from the Twitter Help Center will be useful –

1) How to get started…img_0348

2) Posting tweets….



3) To see tweets from a particular person, or where a hashtag has been mentioned, you’ll need to set up a column:



4) To follow where #LTHEchat has appeared, select ‘search’ and type in the hashtag. You might also want to follow #AdvanceHE_chat, #SEDA, #NTF_Tweet, #ALT, #ALDinHE

5) On my iPad Pro screen, those steps look like this:

Step 1

Step 2:


I hope this is some help if you want to find out about what’s happening in relation to teaching, learning and assessment over the summer period.

All the best – Em.


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